What is insurance appraisal?
Appraisal is a policy condition whereby you force the insurer to hire their own appraiser who will re-evaluate the insurance loss with your appraiser.

Why do I need appraisal?
There are times that your company will not move from their settlement offer or you cannot agree on the amount of the loss or on the extent of damages.

Can I re-open my claim and file for appraisal even though I received a settlement check from the company.
YES! You can file for appraisal anytime within five years from the date of the last settlement payment that was issued for that particular loss.

Can I go to appraisal if I already made the repairs to the property?
Yes, the same conditions apply as previously noted You have five years…

Will my insurance premiums go up if I file for appraisal.
NO. Insurance premiums or rate hikes are approved by the state. Your rates will go up at the same pace as the rest of your community and the approved rate hikes for your particular area. In other words, your rates are going up regardless of whether you file for appraisal or not.

Will my insurance company be mad if I file for appraisal?
Did you get mad at your insurance company when they did not pay your loss properly? Your insurance company will pay you the least amount that will settle your loss in their estimation. Sometimes for considerably less than you deserve. You have a number of duties and rights which are afforded by your policy. They must be understood and properly applied in order to get paid fairly. The appraisal process gets you paid fairly.

Can they cancel my policy if I file for appraisal?
There are a number of reasons that your carrier may cancel your policy none of which specifies appraisal. The fact that many private companies are downsizing their insurance exposure in the Florida market will consequently result in numerous policyholders eventually losing their coverage. The fact remains that if you have a mortgage on your property you MUST be picked up by Citizen’s Property Insurance Co. which is the state insurance provider for those with no other choice of coverage for their business or their home.

What are the fees involved?
Appraisal fees are paid evenly by both you and your insurance company. The umpire fees are minimal vs. the results achieved.

What is an umpire?
An umpire oversees the appraisal process and determines the amount of the award paid.

Can we lose in appraisal?
If we take you to appraisal……we’ll get an award, guaranteed!